Marine and Wildlife Jewellery

Welcome to Fluke Jewellery’s web site. All Fluke Jewellery’s pieces are designed and crafted by Roger Philby.

Roger and Kay live in the beautiful North West corner of mainland Orkney. From his workshop/gallery overlooking the spectacular Brough o’ Birsay & Birsay Bay, Roger designs his amazing range of marine and wildlife  jewellery inspired by the wonders of nature. Which includes dolphins, whales and other forms of wildlife. One of the things that sets Roger’s jewellery apart is that he makes Flukes specific to the species.

Roger also makes fish and seahorse sculptures in copper and aluminium set upon Orkney rock and driftwood. They are in private collections both in the UK and abroad.

Do not forget to check out the shell  collection of charms, pendants and earrings which includes the iconic Groatie Buckie collection.


Whale and dolphins in Orkney

From Roger and Kay’s gallery can be seen many dolphins and whales

Fluke Jewellery supports Campaign Whale and the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises, and their habitats.

Fluke Jewellery Gallery/Workshop

Seaview Stores, Burray, Orkney
Open: Mon-Fri 08.30-17.30, Sat 10.00-17.30, Sun 12.00-16.00